Makeup artist in quarantine

In recent months I have been part of the challenge of our lives – quarantine. By the way, I hope you are all very well and healthy.
This period was beneficial for me as a makeup artist, because I evolved and rediscovered myself. I tested different techniques and approaches in makeup. I traveled in the beautiful story of colors and I gave free rein to the imagination. Creativity represents me and that’s why I went on this side of makeup.

What did you do in quarantine? Did you put on make-up? Have you tried new things? How beautiful it is to be creative and feel free. I did some makeup that can’t be done at the salon for events. I did fancy make-up, face paintings, different textures.

I tried products I had in the kit and had not used them. I tested new brushes, which I had not unsealed. In a word, I had time to create freely and fly with thoughts in fairy tales, stories, movies. I really liked what I achieved and I was really happy, despite the period negatively charged with this virus, which lurks at every step. I leave you some pictures with what I did. I wish you serene and rainbow days in your lives!

Kisses Costina!

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