Body painting or transformation into Princess Troll Poppy.

Body painting or transformation into Princess Troll Poppy.

I really like the transformations into story characters, because you have the possibility to dream. Makeup gives you the freedom to “draw” the face of a princess or other cartoon character, story or feature film. Creativity is at its highest and the enthusiasm for colors and glitter and colorful hair is truly fascinating.

We had a challenge from a group of makeup artists to disguise our story characters. I chose Princess Poppy, an extremely cheerful character, optimistic and pink, very pink. Ha Ha! I’ve never done anything so complex. I worked hard on my hair, which had to stay up, so a mountain top.

I managed to do this with the help of a pink wig, but I had to improvise a hair clamping system. I painted the face and body with a shade of watercolor pink, red and white. I used glitter, black ink, doll eyelashes. Brushes made of natural hair and synthetic hair. Of course Kryolan watercolor is always very helpful to me. For the hair wreath I drew flowers on a sheet of paper, I painted and cut them. I glued them with the silicone gun and I also made a crepe paper out of crepe paper, which I caught on a blue dress. I think that in total the operation lasted about 4-5 hours, and in the end I had some beautiful pictures with a beautiful character.

My colleagues appreciated me, but I also appreciated them, because they also made extraordinary characters. It was a wonderful challenge and I felt really good doing it. I really want to enter the world of body and face painting, to test and learn new tricks. I will look for some courses to learn about this part of makeup. It is very relaxing to create something other than classic or event make-up. I leave below pictures of my creation.

I hope you like and enjoy exactly like the happiest Princess Poppy or as she would say, “Can’t stop the feeling!”

By Costina Cucuteanu

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