Enter the wonderful world of MakeUp Artist Rainbowwater !

Meet Rainbowwater, the artist who tells millions of stories through her makeup

Rainbowwater, of their real name Jade Field, is a young and inspiring artist living in the United Kingdom. It is obvious, makeup is taking more place and is being used as true means of expression; it is present on all social media and opens doors to more universes and today, we will enter one of them. Rainbowwater’s creations are “outworldly” as she describes them, and she is not wrong ! A look at her makeup and you are immediately taken to another dimension, one where aliens, dolls, — other fantasy creatures, you name them—  exist.

It is definitely not your go to makeup you will see performed by the artist, even she says, i quote:”Ever since I started doing makeup, I could never do normal makeup”. So yes it is crazy, it is off the wall, but it has a purpose. The makeup artist want to go beyond limits and outside of social norms as they find it freeing to “different, unique and all the same”, and at a personal level, it is what brings them joy:”I always ended up doing extreme crazy makeup and probably will do it for the rest of my life because i love the freedom of it and i love the buzz of it especially when going out with others in public”                                

Learn more about the artist’s makeup history and process

They first got interested in makeup because it allowed them to change any face and appearance by putting makeup on, in addition to helping them get confidence in themselves. Our Makeup Artist has done art for three years and attended a makeup course for one year to learn the basics, for more knowledge, and she passed it ! Looking at Rainbowwater’s creations, you would wonder where they get their inspiration from, and the answer is as unique as their makeup:”I get my inspiration from lots of flowers, aliens, dolls, fairies, Drag Queens”. Then, when asked about their favorite technique, they tell us they love blending colours that don’t match because they think it makes the look appear bolder; as for their favorite trends here is their answer:”I’m not sure about the trends, I usually just go with the flow!”. What’s more, her work is very recognizable; indeed she works with similar colours, she likes working with sunset colours and blending them together, also she uses a technique that is very specific to her which is working with big and small dots textures. 

Now we also asked her to tell us about her most memorable makeup related memory and her answer was very heartwarming:”Best memories i have is when I’m walking around in shops and people come up to me and want pictures because they love the makeup i have on, even more when kids point at me or come up to me say omg i love your makeup,i want to look like you when i grow up, that makes me want to happy cry.” And apparently it doesn’t stop there, the sweet comments continue on the internet ! “Online I’ve had some kids say to their  parents that they want to look like me when they grow up and that they don’t care what others think of them as long as they look as cool as me. It even happened that their parents say their kids have been getting bullied for wearing something that’s weird and they look at my posts and say “I don’t care what I wear, I want to look as cool as them.” That makes my heart cry, it is sweet to hear that.” 

It is undeniably inspiring and motivating to hear such words, and Rainbowwater, themselves wish to pass some wise words to the future makeup artists:”First rule make sure to make lots of mistakes because when doing mistakes you learn more on how to do makeup. Be patient, don’t rush yourself, always experiment with makeup, be as free as possible, don’t give yourself limits, make it as fun as possible even if you don’t like the makeup. Rule two when learning makeup is to make sure not to listen to others, especially if they are being judgmental. It helps to learn what you like and not what others like. Last rule: watch youtube videos to help you understand the methods and techniques with makeup and help you.

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