Prosthetics Maker by Dana Bordea

I am an experienced and qualified professional Makeup Artist and Prosthetics Maker. 

 With a wide range of skills in producing makeup for filmmaking and professional photography my eye for detail has proven invaluable.
  I have been trained by Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio (famous for his work on Doctor Who, Children of Men, Saving Private Ryan, and many awards along with his professional career), Stuart Conran (famous for Shaun of the Dead, Saving Private Ryan, The Hours) and Andrew Whiteoak (famous for his contribution to Beauty and the Beast).
   My own style is fresh, clean, and inventive which has led me to be employed in numerous short and feature films, music video productions, and television.

   In 2021, I had the amazing opportunity of working on a Bollywood Production with Pooja Entertainment Studios UK  called  PRODUCTION 41 – Mission Cinderella.  

I’ve been credited as the Key Makeup Artist for the Prosthetics Makeup Department.
   In recent years I have worked nationally and internationally on various film and media projects.

   With training in all aspects of Makeup: Prosthetic Makeup, Character Creations, Bald Caps, Injury Simulations, Out the Kit Makeup, Straight Makeup.

  Additional skills: Painting, Sculpting, Moulding, Hair Punching, Beauty Makeup & Hair Dressing/ Cutting, Body Painting, Props & Set dressing.


Pooja Entertainment Studios, Bollywood, India | Mission Cinderella | 2022                                                                 Head of Prosthetics Department /  Character Makeup

Ranjit Tewari / Joshua LeClaire

Oscar Productions, Egypt Cairo | The Damned Palace |     2021                 

 Aging Makeup

Wael Abd-Allah 

Antena 1, Television, Romania | Mangalita, Season 1 | 2020 / Head of the Hair Department 

George Dogaru

Dresden Pictures UK | Biopunk | Short Film  2017

 Head of Makeup & Hair Department 

Liam Garvo

Dog Bite Picture UK | The Treasure | Short Film  2017

 Character Makeup

Neill Gorton

Dog Bite Picture UK | The Treatment | Short Film  2017

 Character Makeup

Neill Gorton

Independent, Romania | Zombie Hipster Party | Short Film  2016

 Character Makeup

John Riley & Andrei Ciprian Popescu

Dracula Film Fest, Romania | Zombie | Short Film  2015

 Character Makeup

Ion Badescu

Luna Film Pictures, Romania | Hotel of the Damned |  2014

 Head of the Prosthetics Department

Character Makeup

Bobby Barbecioru

Aparte Film Studio, Romania | A very unsettled summer |  2013

 Head of the Hair Department

Anca Damian

2010 – present
2010 – present

The Prosthetics Event | Application Station | 2019

Competition – Competitor

The Prosthetics Event | Application Station | 2018

Guest Appearance – Demoing 


Teatrul Stela Popescu | Femeia, eterna poveste… | 2019

Attila Vizauer

Teatrul Mic | Familia Jelesnova | 2018

Gelu Colceag

Fashion F Vodka FTV | Fashion TV | 2014

Body Painting

Vali Mircea

Training &

IOpen Studio – Albani Art | Out of the kit makeup | Trainer: Dana Bordea / April 2018

IOpen Studio – Albani Art | Aging – Stretch & Stipple | Trainer: Dana Bordea / May 2018

IOpen Studio – Albani Art | Bald Caps – making & applying | Trainer: Dana Bordea / June 2018

Special Skills

Sculpture techniques, detailing & texturing/ Life casting: clean & mounting/ Molding life cast in silicone/ sculpting & molding basic appliances/ Casting appliances in gelatin & silicone/ Prosthetics applications & colouring/ Body painting design & application/ Hair & Wigs basic techniques/ All-in-one makeup & hairstyle/ Experienced with colours & skin/ Good coordination & communication skills/ Ability to work at a fast & under pressure/ Ability to work on set & working with HD cameras/ Work well with a team/ High level of creativit