The art of makeup: when work meets passion, Paulinha Nobre

Meet the artist

Today we are meeting Paulinha Nobre, a brazilian MakeUp Artist whose passion has become her job ! Rolling back to earlier in her life, we are told that Paulinha graduated in social makeup in 2008 which propelled her love for makeup: « I fell in love with makeup and wanted to learn more and specialize ». And so she did !  She learnt plenty and herself became a teacher; she taught artistic and social makeup and only teaches the latter tpday. All in all, she decided to share her knowledge and thus has become an intermediary for those who want to delve into the world of makeup ! 

From passion to everyday job !

Paulinha Nobre actually let herself be completely overwhelmed by this passion, going so far as to develop her skills in numerous types of makeup such as casual makeup, bridal makeup, event makeup as well as halloween and SFX (special effects) makeup. It is now part of her job, and what a job ! We all dream of having a job which doesn’t make us regret waking up in the morning, and that is the life the Makeup Artist is living today: “I love the makeup world and when I’m doing makeup I never feel like it’s a job because I feel a huge pleasure !”

The makeup artist has had several brilliant experiences which have fortified her skills and knowledge. For instance, she took part in the makeup team of the globally known Globeleza carnival vignette, crazy, isn’t it ? Paulinha also worked in the makeup team of the front commission of the carnival parade of the Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school, as well as in the team for the recording of the eleventh volume of DVD “Xuxa only for the little ones”, which was nominated for Latin Grammy Award in the category Best Latin Children’s Album in 2012 ! 

A one of a kind practice, more present than ever

It is obvious that Paulinha’s life isn’t all usual, but she personally tells us about her most memorable memory in her Makeup Artist life: ” The work that marked me the most was when i first did makeup for the front commission of the  carnaval of Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school and when i did the makeup for Xuxa’s DVD, it was a great challenge in my professional life.” 

As for her last words, she dedicates them to the Makeup Artists to come and addresses them advice: ”Study as much as you can and train as much as you can also. You have to focus on your goal and dedicate yourself to the fullest !” Wise words that will hopefully guide the future generation of Makeup Artists !

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